Primary ( Grade I – IV )

The curriculum at Primary school is not just text book and knowledge but is holistic learning which focuses on value systems to sensitise young minds to the environment around them. Interdisciplinary activities(Art and craft/ Music tied up with SST or English lessons) are commonly used. The key areas that the primary school curriculum addresses are:

  • Honing of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, ( English, Hindi and Kannada ), Compulsory Library sessions, Spelling and handwriting classes every week.
  • Building a strong foundation in mathematics.
  • An introduction to the subjects of science and social studies (EVS) inquiry sessions, story sessions.
  • Nurturing an interest in General Knowledge,
  • Art & Craft, Yoga, Music and Dance
  • An emphasis on physical education and sport
  • Basic of Computer Tech- Focus on Microsoft Office, Guest lectures, Field trips and Nature walks add to experiential education.
  • Essential Life Skills like folding clothes, serving water, cooking without fire, planting and nurturing the plants