Assessment & Evaluation

We believe in creating a stress free learning environment that enhances positive learning. The formal examination system is replaced by an informal and continuous comprehensive evaluation scheme (CCE). CCE is a functional and reliable system of school based evaluation that ensures holistic assessment of the learner in both scholastic and co-scholastic activities.

The learning environment demands skill based teaching that is followed by skill based assessment is these fields – Reading, Writing, Listening, Understanding, Speaking, Handwriting, Thinking, Observation, Reasoning, Analysis, Application, Decision making, Identification, Conceptualization, Drawing and many other creative and higher order thinking skills. At every level, students need to demonstrate critical enquiry, research skills, and an ability to place their knowledge into practical contexts.

The academic year is divided into two terms: TERM I and TERM II. In each term, 2 Periodic Assessments and 1 Term End Assessment are conducted. The promotion to the higher class is based on performance in all the assessments in these fields (I term=50%, II term=50%).

Allotment of grades avoids comparison and boosts the morale of every child. Student’s profile encompasses the detailed report about the child’s overall development in scholastic and co-scholastic activities.